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What sets Heidi and Jerry apart from other real estate agents?

The Long Family

We have the same "toolbox" as everyone else-we utilize the multiple listing service, we offer internet search capability for buyers, and we use internet and print media and digital photography to publicize our listings.

What sets us apart is 20 years of experience, our extensive business network, and hundreds of successful transactions.

Buying or selling a home has become increasingly complicated. We carefully guide our buyers and sellers through the entire process so they can evaluate the condition of the house, its likely value, and understand and resolve issues that come up. We have written and negotiated hundreds of contracts and know how to protect your interests.

When representing sellers, we work as partners. Even in a strong market, expert preparation and marketing are important in order to maximize your proceeds. Together we are an effective and highly productive team. We will work very closely with you to make sure your house shows to its best advantage and provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure it receives maximum exposure.

This has been a tough market for buyers. We spend a lot of time educating our buyers and ensuring they are fully prepared to make a winning offer once we've located the right property.

Buying or selling a home is an important financial transaction. You deserve to know something about us before choosing us to represent you. Heidi was born in California, attended Mills College, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC Davis. Jerry was born in Chicago and graduated from SF State University. After graduate school, Heidi worked as a paralegal, business coach, and human resources manager before going into real estate. Jerry completed graduate work in broadcasting and worked as an independent filmmaker and teacher. We enjoy food and wine, good books, art and archaeology, and family travel. In the past few years we have visited Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Mexico. Our kids attended Berkeley public schools (although our daughter is also an alum of the Julia Morgan School for Girls), played baseball, field hockey, and lacrosse, and, at the moment are excelling at Berkeley High School and USC. Jerry serves as an active member of the board of the Berkeley Public Library Foundation.

We are proud to be associated with Red Oak Realty which was founded in Berkeley in 1976 and now has thriving offices on Solano Avenue in Berkeley and Pleasant Valley Boulevard in Oakland. For many years, the San Francisco Business Times has included Red Oak in its list of the 25 most productive real estate companies in the five county Bay Area. One of the more wonderful things about Red Oak is its close ties to the community. We contribute a portion of each commission to our local schools and other community organizations through the Red Oak Opportunity Foundation (ROOF).

Since January 2000 we have sold over 150 properties including several architecturally distinguished homes. We represent first-time buyers, growing families and down-sizing families, people moving into Berkeley, people leaving Berkeley, probate and trust sales, and investors. We have an established network of brokers and former clients which enhances our marketing. We can refer you to an experienced, reputable agent anywhere in the US-just ask.

About seventy-five percent of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals. Choosing a realtor is an important decision. Please contact us if you'd like to arrange a personal meeting.

Because there's no substitute for experience, below is a partial list of our recent sales:

(Click here to view some of our Sold/Pending properties.)


  Berkeley Hills  
150 Bret Harte Road 1106 Oxford Street 2245 Glen
1192 Grizzly Peak 1581 Arch Street 1114 Oxford Street
1192/98 Laurel 762 Creston Road 1643/45 Scenic
1105 Sterling 2321 Corona Court 1162 Arch
1165 Miller Avenue 1215 Queens 2633 Marin
2843 Shasta Road 1218 Spruce 641 Creston Road
1205 Queens 69 Parnassus 561 Vistamont
1122 Keeler 98 Alamo
  Thousand Oaks  
524 The Alameda 693 Santa Rosa 780 Ensenada
632 Vincente 1719 San Lorenzo 1665 Visalia
706 The Alameda 1112 Fresno 1557 Visalia
  Gourmet Ghetto  
1942 El Dorado 1987 El Dorado 1909 Francisco
1243 Henry 1935 Yolo 2028.5 Franciso
1833 Cedar Street 2026 Cedar Street 2051 Berryman
1583A Arch 2009 Vine 1435 Milvia
1534 Scenic 1234 Shattuck 1227 Oxford
  North Berkeley  
940 Fresno 1632 McGee 1527 Buena
1715 Lincoln 1830 Cedar Street 1810 Marin
1211 Carlotta 1531 Grant Street 1502 North
981 Tulare 1525 Hearst 1607 Francisco
1511 Cedar 1530 Berkeley Way 1400 California
1701 Madera 1706 Sonoma 1618 Grant
1617 Delaware 1725 Sonoma 1248 Martin Luther King
1518 Martin Luther King 1433 Josephine 1543 Josephine
1516 Martin Luther King 1841 Berryman 1919 Virginia
1731 Francisco 1372 Rose 1412 Cypress
1520 Lincoln 1321 Ordway 1635 Cedar
1411 Edith 1438 Edith 1537 Keoncrest
  Elmwood and Claremont  
2946 Russell Street 2741 Garber #5 152 Hillcrest Road
2627 Etna #C 2450 Hillside 3036 Fulton
2732 Prince 2929 Hillegass 72 Gravatt
2619 Etna #C 2918 Wheeler 2147 Stuart #4
2510 Russell Street 2600 Ashby  
  South and West Berkeley  
1330 4th Street 1208 Ordway 1518 Acton
1515 Cornell 1216 Gilman 1210 Rose
2434 Milvia 1711 Allston Way 2408 Martin Luther King
2464 West 2206 Grant Street 2736 Milvia
2733 Sacramento 1129 Derby 2430 Acton
1740 9th Street 1377 Gilman 1292 Delaware
1131 Chaucer 1235 Stannage 1127 Bancroft
1319 Curtis 3118/20 California  
1612 Sonoma 942 Evelyn 1013 Ordway
729 San Carlos 1341 Thousand Oaks 843 Jackson Street
830 Santa Fe 916 Jackson 974 Stannage
946 Madison 1004 Stannage 1167 Santa Fe
1012 Kains 724 San Carlos 612 Talbot
11 Jessen Court 377 Coventry 1616 Oak View
1 Arlington Lane 149 Purdue 199 Purdue
250 Los Altos 239 Trinity  
  El Cerrito  
5451 Barrett 1811 Elm 146 Pomona
3445 Carlson 240 San Carlos 946 Galvin
970 & 978 The Arlington 2313 Cedar 6426 Hagen
5490 Barrett 971 Contra Costa 1475 Vista Road
7485 Curry 2325 Mono 315 Ramona
19 Pomona 1243 Cabrillo 604 Seaview
532 Colusa 7214 Mound  
1049 Harvard 1859 Trestle Glen 17 Pacific
656 Capell 5845 Estates Drive 93 Echo
824 Mandana 200 Caldecott #112 1796 Woodhaven
1121 Trestle Glen 501 Kenmore 18 Windward Hill
629 Poirier 559 Valle Vista 4108 Terrace
1200 Trestle Glen 355 Oakland Ave. 227 Monte Vista
4143 Howe    
610 63rd Street 5500 Thomas 6019 Harwood
5850 Lawton 6418 Benvenue 6015 Colby
6501 Chabot 6110 Colby  
  1271 62nd Street
2363 Essex

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